ChatJOB aims to enhance the job prospects

of marginalized youth throughout Europe

by offering tailored career advice.

What is “ChatJob”?

┬áThe ChatJob project addresses challenges for disadvantaged youth in finding employment by offering personalized career guidance via an AI-powered chatbot, aiming to enhance digital skills and promote social inclusion. It aligns with the Erasmus+ youth program’s priorities and has potential to reduce youth unemployment across Europe, emphasizing responsible AI deployment for societal benefit.

How long does it last?

┬áThe project “ChatJob” will last 21 months: from 01/10/2023 to 30/06/2025

Work Packages

1. Development and implementation of an AI-powered chatbot for personalized career guidance and feedback on skills
2. Research and analysis of the effectiveness of the chatbot in supporting young people’s digital skills development and employment outcomes
3. Creation of publicly available resources on how to use the chatbot as a young person or how to support youth workers’ career guides to support disadvantaged youth in using the chatbot effectively

Milestones and Deliverables

1. Tailored support and skill assessment for marginalized youth
2. AI chatbot improves digital literacy and career opportunities for young people
3. Strengthening collaboration between project partners across borders
4. Utilizing AI-driven resources to bolster youth’s digital competencies and job readiness
5. Making chatbot resources and career guidance available to youth through public channels

Our Partners

Stichting Social Hacker NL

Stichting Social Hacker NL (SHNL) is a nonprofit based in Amsterdam, uniting coding and technology experts to advance research and provide resources for tech-based solutions to societal issues. With a focus on democratizing tech innovation, SHNL members have extensive experience in leading projects for youth and underserved communities, developing tools and organizing hackathons to address contemporary challenges.

Roes Cooperativa KOIN.S.EP

Roes Cooperativa in Greece offers innovative education, focusing on inclusive learning environments and professional development for youth. They foster skills like entrepreneurship and teamwork through interdisciplinary activities and support social inclusion and youth solidarity through volunteering opportunities. They’ve conducted over 14,000 training hours in Erasmus+ programs.