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Communities are platforms where ideas can be converted to real life, questions and problems can be solved, tips and tricks can be shared, and the news comes faster than you think. We think that knowledge develops only when it’s shared.

What is Athena Project Community?

We created the Athena Project developers’ community to reach our mission of making tech education accessible to everyone. Our vision is to have you prepared for your future career in tech by learning and studying with us!

How are we doing it?

Day by day Athena Project community get stronger, counting 250 + developers. Our free courses in coding give you knowledge and experience for your further steps in the tech industry. We are here to support your path in every aspect of your progress, giving you the best resources, answers, news, and access to more opportunities.

What you'll find inside?

Technical support

Get the help you need fast with our quick technical support for developers.

Studying buddies

Find a study buddy who understands your coding challenges and can help you reach your goals.

Coding resources

Access a wealth of coding resources, including tutorials, articles, and helpful tips from our experienced developer community.

Online webinars

Stay up-to-date on the latest industry trends and technologies with our online webinars and expert-led workshops.

Memes about tech

Take a break from your coding routine and enjoy a laugh 🙂

Developer Community

Think of it like a spaceship, ready to go for new exploration.

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