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Looking to learn JavaScript?
Look no further than “First Steps to JavaScript.”

This beginner-friendly course starts at the very beginning and works its way up to more advanced coding concepts. With hands-on exercises and the chance to build your own applications, you’ll be well on your way to becoming a JavaScript pro. So, whether you’re a programming newbie or just looking to brush up your skills, join us on this journey and become a JavaScript master in no time!

What will you learn?

Before diving into programming

Join Discord

How to use Discord effectively

Why JavaScript?

Quiz: Join our Discord Community

Intro to Programming With JavaScript


What is JavaScript used for?

The Developer Console

Operators in JavaScript

Quiz: Operators

Some JavaScript data types



Practice: Variables


Practice: Strings


undefined & Null



if … else if … else statements

Practice: Conditionals



While Loop

For Loop

Practice: Loops


Practice: Functions

Data Structures


Practice: Objects


Practice: Arrays

What’s next?

The First Steps To JavaScript is part of our larger Full-Stack Web Development Career Track.

And why should you take this course? 

Understand the basics of JavaScript syntax, including variables, data types, operators, and expressions.

Learn how to work with arrays and objects in JavaScript and understand how to use them to store and manipulate data.

    Understand control flow and conditional statements in JavaScript, and learn how to use them to make decisions in your code.

      Learn how to use JavaScript functions to write reusable code.

      Get hands-on experience writing JavaScript code by completing exercises.

      Gain confidence in your ability to read and write JavaScript code, and prepare yourself for further study and practice in the field of web development.

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        What do the students think?

        This course is exactly what a person needs to start his journey in web development. Abstracting details that might be daunting, it puts you straight to the point. The well-designed learning platform, coupled with the supportive discord community, makes you feel “at home” from the first minute.

        George Kokonas

        I’ve heard a lot of people say that learning JavaScript is a pain and not the best choice for newbies. But this course totally changed my mind! It breaks down the basic concepts into easy-to-understand explanations and doesn’t make you feel like you’re drowning in information. Plus, you get to jump right into coding and try things out for yourself. It’s a super easy way to kickstart your JS journey!

        Xenia Rachouti

        As a person without any coding background, taking this course was the ideal kick-off for the upcoming coding journey. I managed to learn the basics of JavaScript and was able to set up my coding tools! I strongly suggest this course to everyone. Thank you, Athena Project, for this great opportunity!

        John Ploumistos