First Steps With WordPress

Test Drive Your WordPress Site

Take the time to review your website before making any changes and see how everything works.

It’s important to see how the WordPress Twenty Twenty-Three theme was built and how it works.

Consider this a test drive before you start adding all the extras.

The displayed layout is defined by the WordPress theme. It’s the look and feel and content layout. The WordPress Twenty Twenty-Three theme includes a “header” at the top, composed of 2 elements, the title “testwebsite” to the left and a link to a “sample page” to the right. 

A tagline for your site “Mindblown: a blog about philosophy.”.

The main central section of the page is the content area.

Scroll down the page and notice the bar at the bottom. This is called a “footer”. It says “Proudly powered by WordPress”.


Take a Quick Trip Around

Right now you have only one post on your website. You can find it on the home page or landing page.

Clicking on the post title will take you to the specific page of that post. The first page or home page of the site contains the most recent posts on the site. Each post title links to the actual page of the post.

Some theme designers style individual post pages differently than the homepage. For each individual post, pay attention to the layout and notice the differences in the design elements. Different heading? Smaller, larger, or another color? Do you have a sidebar? All these changes are made from a few files called template files.


Test Drive the WordPress Administration Screens