Project: How does the web work

Assignment: Create a Website about the Internet

Use the knowledge you acquired during the "How does the Web work" lesson and create a website that introduces the Internet to beginners.

You must first write down an essay describing the Internet and its constituent parts in simple, layman’s terms. Keep in mind, that you should not copy and paste external material, but rather write the content yourself. It must be concise, small-sized and easy to read and comprehend. Use as many external media resources (images, embedded videos, etc.) and links as you like, to help convey your message.


Your page must describe and mention the following concepts and terms:

  • Brief introduction to the Internet
  • How does the Internet work
  • Internet Protocols
  • IP Addresses
  • DNS
  • Packets (TCP/UDP)
  • HTTP
  • HTML
  • Routers

Technical Details:

  • Your website must contain one or more web pages. In case you choose to create a single page site, make sure to create the proper HTML structure in order for the page to be accessible and user-friendly.

  • You will place your code in a private GitHub repository along with your instructor(s)/mentor(s) as collaborator(s).

  • You must upload the site folder to Netlify’s Drag and Drop service and keep the temporary URL that you will be given. You must be registered and logged in to Netlify in order for the website to be retained. Anonymous uploads to Netlify’s Drag and Drop service, are automatically deleted after 14 hours.

  • Make sure to cut down on the file size of the images used on your website, by uploading them to a free optimization/compressing service like TinyPNG.

  • You will need to submit the following information to the Quiz box:

    • The URL of your uploaded website (Netlify address)
    • The URL of your GitHub repository
    • How much time did it take for me to complete the task?
    • (Don’t worry, you are not going the be evaluated on how fast you did this. The more time you dedicated to it, the better.)
    • Where did I get stuck? How did I get unstuck?
    • What were the difficult parts?
  • IMPORTANT: Make sure to use the W3C validator services, both for validating your HTML and CSS code. You can validate your code, either by URI (URL of your Netlify site), file uploads or direct code input. Choose what suits you best and make sure that you submit code that contains as less validation warnings and errors as possible.

Good luck!


  • QUESTION: Do we have any limitations in the process of creating it? Should we use only HTML to create the website or can we use CSS to style the website?
  • ANSWER: You have no limitations at all. You can use HTML, CSS and, if you feel adventurous, even JavaScript! Use all the knowledge you have to structure and style the website as best as possible.