Project: MVP Copy


You have roughly one week to produce something compelling using the skills you’ve honed over the past five weeks.

  • Q: What are your inputs?

  • A: (Roughly) one week of (relatively) undivided attention

  • Q: What is the required output?

  • A: A compelling product presentation delivered to your classmates.


How to start?

In this project you have to build a full stack application

  • Pick an idea for your project.

  • Determine which technologies to use [in our case we will build the project using]:

    • React || angular || Vue as front end framework
    • Node js express to build your server
    • Mongodb as database
    • Heroku or Netlify for deployment if you have time.

Ps: if your product at the end is more than an MVP you are doing it wrong! So don’t waste time on a high polish when you could be creating additional features

  • Think about the project main features(Imagine what portion of this could be done in one week.)

  • Start with the most naive implementation

  • Cut more features than you are comfortable with

  • Fill in the template document

  • Use iterative development (go straight to something that demo’s your idea)

There is a huge difference between Iterative development and Incremental development :
  • Incremental development : is building one part completely at a time based on the original idea.

  • Iterative development : is building a rough version, validating it and then keep building more and more functionality in it.

So for a short time project like this one the iterative development process can be your best friend

  • Prepare for to give a pitch and demonstration of your work(Beeline for a demo.)

GitHub Workflow:

  • Your instructor will share the project repo with you.

  • While Working on projects Git and Github should be your best friend so

    • commit often,
    • push your code often we don’t want you to lose your code one day before the presentation, that will be too bad.
  • Create a pull request

Happy Hacking 🙂