Quiz: Setting up a Web Development Environment

In order to complete this lesson, make sure to upload a screenshot of your Web Development environment.

The screenshot must include a full page view of VSCode, with the sidebar open, showing the enabled Extensions. You can filter out the extensions and display only the enabled ones, by adding the @enabled keyword in the search input field.

The terminal should be open, GitBash should be the default shell (it will be shown as bash in the selected terminal dropdown) and inside the terminal, the node version must be displayed. The command to display the Node.JS version is node --version.

The screenshot should look similar to the screenshot below:

VSCode Setup

VSCode Setup


How do I take a Screenshot?

On Windows 10: Press the Windows key + Print Screen key simultaneously (PrtScr)

References: How to Take Screenshots in Windows 10

How do I open the Terminal?

You can press the Ctrl + J keys on Windows/Linux and Cmd + J keys on Mac.