Quiz: Visual Studio Code: Live Server Setup

Use the Loom service or any other kind of screen recording software to record your local Live Server setup with VSCode.

You must open a new Window in VSCode, create a new project folder, add it to VSCode, create an HTML file and launch it using Live Server. Make some changes to the file, hit Save and watch how the browser gets reloaded automatically.

If you want a quick refresher, watch this video again.

Make sure the video is no longer than 5 minutes.

Once your Loom video is ready, just include the URL. In case you are using another screen recording software, upload the video file to Google Drive and make sure to include the shareable URL in the Quiz submission.


I cannot see the Go Live button in VSCode!

There are cases where the Go Live button of Live Server extension might not appear on the bottom panel. In such a case, you can open an HTML file, right-click while you’re inside the code and select Open with Live Server. Usually, a simple restart of VSCode fixes the problem of the button that does not show up.

Open with Live Server