Introduction to the backend

What is Backend development:

Back-end development mainly deals with the server side of a web page or application. Thereby, a back-end developer is responsible of making sure what happens in the background is correctly configured.

Just like in a theatre, it is hard to know what the cast are doing in the backstage, but you only see what they present. The same thing applies to back end development. In this case what is presented is the front-end and the back-stage is the back end.

However, even though the developers have different functions, they need each other. The front-end developers need to bring out the outward appearance while the back-end has to make sure nothing is a miss. They are the ones responsible of transmission of databases.

Back-end developers are also the determiners of the speed and efficiency that will be there. They optimize images, links, content and media to make sure the app or web page loads fast. In addition, they tend to compress large files and folders.

What technologies will we use?

  • During this part of the course we will learn the MERN stack so
What is MERN stack?

MERN stack is an assortment of rugged and robust technologies for developing scalable Web apps, which consist of front-end, back-end, and database components. This particular tech stack happens to be a user-friendly JavaScript framework intended for creating dynamic applications and websites. For this reason, it is considered to be a preferred platform for startups.

It consists of incredible technologies, including MongoDB, Express, React JS, and Node.js (MERN).

This one is a cross-platform and open-source NoSQL DBMS. It happens to be a document-oriented database, implying that the data will be saved by making use of documents and collections. Mongo DB stores the information in binary JSON format, enabling quick exchange of information between server and client. It can likewise be utilized to store large volumes of data, which helps make it extremely scalable

This one is a lightweight and modular Node JS framework, which helps in creating Web apps. It happens to be a back-end and server-side framework based on JavaScript, which has been designed to write quick, simplified, as well as secure apps.

This is an open-source JavaScript library employed for creating user interfaces, usually for single page apps. It provides the facility of reusability of codes on various platforms. It is scalable as well as fast.

Node.js happens to be a cross-platform and open-source runtime environment for JavaScript. It has been designed to operate the JavaScript code on the server-side outside the browser.

Let’s start !!!