Project: Final Project (v1)


Copy your favorite website as well as you can. Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter… Just make sure it’s got lots of interesting functionality. You’ll be integrating your full array of skills into this one….

Of course, you can’t copy every single feature and a lot of the user interface will be a bit clunkier, but you can get yourself 80% of the way there. And that’s darn impressive.

  1. Think about what you’ll need to do to get this all working together. This is where it’s really helpful to think it completely through on paper or whiteboard ahead of time! A few hours of thought here will save you from wasting days of coding. Try to lay it ALL out. An important part of this is scope — you obviously can’t build the entire website (which presumably took a full team of engineers years to produce), so you’ll need to identify the core functionality of the site and then the "nice-to-have" stuff. Make sure you will finish building the core functionality BEFORE starting to add on the rest. If you try to do it all at once, you’ll get lost and frustrated. Trust me. Everything takes longer than you expect.

  2. Build it!

  3. Try testing the very high level Javascript functionality with Jest. Don’t get too bogged down in testing, but try and save yourself time by adding high level tests so you don’t need to click around 100 times every time you make a change to something that seems important.

  4. Once you’ve finished, push to Github’s specified folder and definitely submit your project below!

Good luck!

UPDATED: 01.02.2021