What’s new in HTML5 Copy


HTML5 brought in a lot of nice new features, such as the use of more semantic tags. In other words we can use aside or footer and much more instead of using div everywhere.

In addition most of these features are geared towards giving the web pages the ability to display media and interactive features more easily. However there are still browser compatibility issues with some of that functionality.

Learning Objectives

  • Semantic tags and how there are more of them in HTML5
  • Canvas element and why it is amazing.
  • New video and audio control features.
  • Local storage and how it is used.
  • Data attributes and how they are used.
  • How to use data attributes to pass off data from your back end to your front end
  • Compatibility trade-offs of the new features
  • Performance trade-offs with the new features
  • How HTML5 fixes the problem of needing Flash installed to play movies on many devices.


Check out Dive into HTML5, which is a website and book on the cool stuff about HTML5.

Additional Resources

In this section you can find a lot of helpful links to other content. This is a supplemental material for you if you want to dive deeper into some concepts.